Important: The inclusion of persons, companies or other entities in the data base does
not pretend to suggest or imply that they have infringed the law or acted inappropriately. If
you notice an error in the content, please contact us here.

The interactions show public officials and their relations, according to the following criteria:
Occupied functions: shows public or private functions of officials.
Denounces for corruption: shows agents mentioned in public cases.
Enablers: shows lawyers, agents, representatives and accountants and their relations.
Family: show some parentage among agents.
Integrates company/ business connection: shows relations of agents and companies.
International trials: show agents and companies in judicial cases.
Money laundering: shows agents mentioned or investigated in cases of alleged money laundering.
Sanctioned by: shows agents that receive any type of inhibition from some country.
Bribery: shows agents mentioned in public cases or investigated for alleged bribery.