Amir Nassar Tayupe

Venezuelan lawyer, Amir Nassar Tayupe orbits around Colombian businessmen accused of corruption with housing and food plans in Venezuela. Tayupe introduced a demand in their name against journalists from the investigation portal and he is member of Global Foods Tradings directive: the Panamanian company that obtained contracts in the food sector with the Venezuelan government for USD $125 million. In USA, he has been owner of at least 7 properties in Florida state and together it sums around USD $3 million.

Gerardo Pantin Shortt

An entrepreneur and contractor for the Venezuelan state, Gerardo Pantin Shortt and his family have been in the oil industry business in Venezuela since the 1980s. Much of their fortune comes from the hundreds of millions of dollars generated by contracts with PDVSA. Between 2008 and 2015, his company signed contracts for almost a billion dollars with the Venezuelan oil company. Pantin Shortt has built a real estate business since moving to Miami in 2012.

Diego Alejandro Villarroel Atella

Venezuelan contractor of the State, Diego Alejandro Villarroel Atella is a young man, business partner of Luis David Chacín Imbrondone, son of Luis Chacín Haddad, who is condemned to 4 years of prison in USA for corruption facts linked to Corpoelec. Villarroel and Chacín Imbrondone are partners of Guangzhou Ballac Trading Limited, CA, a company inscribed in the National Register of Contractors. (RNC) in Venezuela.


Chavista solidarity had a price

The storm that stroke the country a night of August 23rd, 2005 is remembered by many as the most violent of all times. Ten...

The gears of bolivarian capitalism around the world

From an apartment in a luxury skyscraper in Manhattan (USA), on the “millionaire avenue”, to fantasy houses in paradisiac Marbella, Spain. From investments in...

The contractor’s clan who hide their fortune in the Caribbean

Empresarios cercanos al chavismo, algunos prófugos de la justicia, aterrizaron en República Dominicana para dedicarse al millonario negocio inmobiliario en uno de los grandes polos turísticos del Caribe.

A venezuelan in the route of alba millionaire loans

.tdb_single_content figure { width: inherit !important; } A Venezuelan businessman that was contractor of PDVSA was also on the route of millionaire oil...

Bolivar’s dream was a refinery

The contractor Miguel Ángel Castillo Lara, younger than forty years old, owner of the company Castillo Max, Oil & Max, achieved the top of...


Companies, mansions and contracts to mingle with the elite

Sociedades anónimas, inversión en sector inmobiliario y compra de propiedades de lujo en barrios exclusivos, fueron las formas del chavismo de mover dinero en España. La península ibérica fue uno de los destinos favoritos de empresarios cercanos al poder y referentes políticos del chavismo, investigados en distintas partes del mundo por lavado de dinero o malversación de fondos públicos.

The new rich in the neighborhood

Los venezolanos ocupan los primeros puestos del ranking de inversión inmobiliaria en la Florida. Exfuncionarios de PDVSA y contratistas de alto perfil del chavismo forman parte de ese grupo que generaron a la industria de bienes raíces de ese estado un ingreso cercano a los 22.9 mil millones de dólares solo en 2018.

A venezuelan in the route of alba millionaire loans

.tdb_single_content figure { width: inherit !important; } A Venezuelan businessman that was contractor of PDVSA was also on the route of millionaire oil...

The best kept diamond of chavismo

.tdb_single_content figure { width: auto !important;} A group of officials and ex – officials from Hugo Chávez, Nicolás Maduro and Evo Morales’s governments have controlled during...

A defalcation with global branches

“At the first sign we have to do something” sentenced Hugo Chávez, president of Venezuela, when referring to suspicion that a Venezuelan United Socialist...