Maria Lila Bravo de Rincón

Maria Lila Rincón is Roberto Enrique Rincón Fernández´s wife, a businessman close to Chavismo and declared guilty of money laundering by USA Justice in 2015. The Justice pointed that María Lila had participated in the network of companies built by her husband, Rincón Fernández for deviation of USD $1.000 million from the company Oils of Venezuela (Pdvsa). Rincón-Bravo family became relevant for oil industry in 2002, when they started being one of the largest providers for Pdvsa.

Luxury with a view to Central Park

Address: New York, NY 10022
Current value: USD $17.000.000
Year of purchase: 2015
City: New York
Legal owner: Unit 45c Holding, LLC


On the famous street «billionaires row» (the multimillionaire walk) and with views to Central Park, the unit of 322 sq. meters, is composed by 4 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms and luxury finishes. It was acquired by Unit 45c holding LLC, a company registered in Texas and handled by Maria Lila Rincón. According to registers of the real estate website Streeteasy, the unit was rented two years before for USD $42.500 dollars every month and it is for sale, in USD $16 million.